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We love sharing our favorite things with our students which you'll find in our lobby!  At any given time, we have a variety of yoga, self-development and meditation books and DVD's, outfits to spice up your workout or your nightlife, items to make you and your home smell delicious and a variety of trinkets we love, including those supporting our local Sarasota artists.   

In class, you will enjoy our Zebra Floor, as it is designed specifically to meet the demands of a yoga practice.  It will help you grow your practice even further. 

Don't have a mat while traveling or forgot yours at home?  No problem!  We have mats available free of charge for all classes.  We also have numerous props fit for your specific yoga needs and goals.

Meet Robyn

Ask Robyn Marin about yoga and she grins like a child. She has a lot to be happy about, considering that until her yoga practice bloomed in her life, she was in the grips of a 10-year battle with rheumatoid arthritis.

Although she doesn’t completely grasp the science behind the connection, she is certain that her yoga practice was the catalyst and is now her daily dose of wellness. Robyn believes that yoga is the ultimate prescription in combating stress. “We all have witnessed how stress can make us sick. All people have stress and we all have the ability to practice one form or another type of yoga to tame it.” says Robyn. She believes that a daily yoga practice is as vital as food and water. She sees herself as a “yoga gardener”, removing the weeds (stress), tilling the soil, watering, planting and pruning the disease from our body one breath at a time.

Paying attention to every movement and bringing awareness to the breath is what Robyn describes as having an “in body” experience. Movement is the language of the body, while the breath is the language of the spirit. Combined acute awareness of both creates harmony for the whole person.

Conversely an “out of body” experience can be described as someone who is on a treadmill, watching TV, reading the paper and listening to music simultaneously…anxious to have the whole thing done with rather than exercising for the pure joy and immense luxury of movement.

The yogic way asks you to slow down, look inside and examine the realities of one’s situation. Make a plan for the person that you are on any given new day. Even though we look in the mirror every morning and see the same face, we are very different every day. It’s the examination of these details that help us cope with the human condition.

Robyn’s yoga and Energy In Motion classes strive to teach, inspire and empower the individual to look inside and discover that the thing they’ve been looking for has been with them all along… the ability to heal one’s self with the breath, one inhale and exhale at a time. The proof is in the practice.

Robyn's Recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis

At Yoga SRQ we like to have fun. Although we take health and wellness seriously, we practice all classes with happiness in mind. Life can be stressful and it is through the movement of our bodies with breath awareness that we tame the stress that creeps into daily life. We are moving the body to get in touch with our true nature.

The starting point for all our classes is to acknowledge who you are on that given day. To assume we are the same every day only leads to disappointment…and therefore less happiness. Every morning when we look in the mirror, we see what appears to be same person as yesterday, but the truth is that each new day brings a new you. It is through this awareness that we can then deal with reality. Vinyasa Flow Power Yoga is a tool for dealing with being human.

Yoga is where you are