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In order to take this class you should consider yourself an intermediate-advanced student and be injury free. Class moves at an accelerated pace offering challenging poses, including balance-poses, back bends, and inversions (always optional).

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Hello Friends of yoga srq
Ownership has changed

This is Robyn's last week at the studio.

 You can sign up for classes here until August 31st, after that I will direct you to the new site:

 You will find your MindBody account there, intact with your sign in and password.

Same great location! New owner with all your favorite classes, plus new ones too!

 All your favorite teachers remain on the schedule except for me. I've loved these past 7 years of Yoga SRQ!

It's time for me to do something a little different!  

Love, Robyn

and remember YOGA IS WHERE YOU ARE!

Did you know your brain cannot tell the difference between genuine and fake laughter? The happy hormone, endorphins are released and you can instantly change your mood, feel less pain.  Watch this ABC 7 Suncoast View video for a laugh and feel it for yourself. 

‚ÄčThe laughter segment starts at 31:00 seconds.

Located just a mile and half away from Siesta Key and 8 minutes from downtown Sarasota!

Kick Asana

This hour long pumped up version of a Vinyasa Flow Class will strengthen your core and get your heart rate going while moving you through yoga asanas.

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Appropriate for any beginner in reasonably fit condition who can easily move from standing to a seated position. You will be introduced to and learn the Sun Salutations.

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Levels one, two or three: you can get what you need and what you want in this class. Yoga SRQ a true yoga banquet, take what you want, leave the rest.

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Gentle yoga is for anyone new, getting back, or looking to start yoga. You are encouraged to move at your own pace, listening to the rhythm of your breath to set your movement.  For all levels and ages.

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Restorative Yoga is for everyone regardless of other yoga experience. Classes involves poses that are supported by props and held for 3-5 minutes  allowing you to completely relax and rest.

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