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“Ten years ago I came to the point of my life when I needed something for me, for my body, and for my mind. I had tried different exercise programs, joined health clubs but nothing gave me the satisfaction that I was looking for, until I stumbled upon a Park District brochure and decided to try a yoga class. As a professional dietician caring for Seniors in long term care with various forms of Dementia and memory loss, my days were challenging. I knew nothing about Yoga but after my first class I knew I had found my inspiration. Not only did I feel good, but I felt a deep connection to myself. Inspired by my instructor, I deepened my practice and expanded my knowledge. I developed my foundations in Anusara inspired Vinyasa Flow through the influence of my mentors. I have also had extensive studies in the practice if Iyengar and therapeutic yoga. I received my 200 hour RYT Certification from my mentor, Silvia Mordini and Total Body Yoga, as well as a certification in Prenatal Yoga.”

“My belief is that the practice of Yoga enhances and improves the quality of our lives. When our lives become more demanding it is essential that we take time to nurture our minds and heal our bodies. I have the privilege of sharing the physical and mental benefits of Yoga to my Senior clients and my Yoga students. Yoga allows you to focus on yourself; changing and bettering your perspective of the world and how you see people. I help my students do this by teaching Vinyasa Flow incorporated with the philosophies of Yoga. My teachings are vivacious and fun yet therapeutic and calming. I work to reduce student’s stress and worries, and instill a sense of calmness. They become more aware of their bodies and connected to their breath. And, my hope is that they take my teachings into their daily life.”

“I feel that everyone could benefit from practicing Yoga. People typically have excuses and misconceptions about Yoga like, "I am not flexible enough;” “I don't have time;” “I am too short or too tall;” or “I don't have enough money." Sound familiar? Yoga doesn't have to be expensive or take too much time; you don't have to be flexible; and your physical appearance doesn't matter. Yoga is about community and your well-being. Yoga helps you live your life. Imagine yourself in traffic and someone cuts you off suddenly, what do you do, scream, swear, drive faster and tailgate? No, you should just breathe and calmly continue your journey. By practicing yoga, not only do you learn how to breathe and do the poses, you learn how to live your life.”